A product is actually really hard to define. Most product managers implicitly know what a product is when they see it. But it is very hard to articulate concisely, and even harder to educate or evangelise this across teams of ‘non techy people’.

I think it is so hard mostly because of the internet, creating a confusing array of definitions, opinions and points of view. Coupled with some pretty shocking anti patterns and the intangibility of the thing, especially in a digital age. …

In their excellent new book, EMPOWERED: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products, Marty Cagan and Chris Jones articulate three consistent themes that helps you identify winning product organisations.

  1. The Role of Technology: “The vast majority of companies view technology as a necessary expense. In contrast, in strong product companies, technology is not an expense, it is the business.”
  2. Strong Product Leadership: “In most companies, the role of true product leadership is largely missing in action. In most companies, there is no product strategy. In contrast, in strong product companies, the product leaders are among the most impactful leaders in the company.”
  3. Empowered…

Sam Buddington

A new product mentor, figuring the best way to learn new stuff, and teach it in less time than I took to learn it.

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